Split AC Systems- Adding a New Comfort Quotient

Split AC systems can go a long way in enhancing air conditioning effect, with all the state-of-the-art technology and value-added features they come up with.
They provide optimal conditioning effect that help beat the notorious Aussie summers and the chill of winters! Of course that depends upon how good is the installation, and that’s where a master split system installation company in Melbourne like Maruf Airconditioning makes all the difference.

The Split AC Variety

These air conditioning units are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. Of them, the most common are the ones that are mounted on the walls.
This is because they are simplest to install - mainly because they come up with two parts - an outdoor and an indoor unit on either side of a wall respectively.

Installation of Split AC System in Melbourne

With a fair amount of experience under our belt, we have all the skills and knowledge needed to install split AC systems of various models and manufacturers. This makes us a well-adored and sought-after company that is into installation of split AC system in Melbourne, and we pride in that!

Our Team

We are home to some of the best engineers and technicians who go all the way to serve you in precisely the way you want them to! The team will listen to all your needs, carry out a comprehensive inspection of your property, and discuss with you the best possible options for installing an economical and energy-efficient split AC system.
Above all, it is the hands-on experience that we have under our belt, which combines with our innovative and pro-customer approach, to guarantee you a dependable installation service. This justifies your investment, to say the least! This also makes Maruf Airconditioning THE company that has taken installation of split AC system in Melbourne to an altogether new level!

We care!

We have a highly competent platform that will rise to the occasion every time you want us to! Just get in touch with us over the phone during the business hours or shoot us an email and we will get right back to you in no time, and address your issue at the earliest!
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