Ducted Refrigerated Cooling Service in Melbourne

Ducted air conditioning units are used to cool multiple rooms all together via a large fan sitting outside and pumping air around the building through ducts.
But if you find that your ducted unit is not working to its optimal best, then you can call us. Maruf Airconditioning offers you quality installation, repair and maintenance of fully ducted air conditioning units.
Our licensed and experienced ducted refrigerated cooling experts at Wollerthandle ducted units of all major brands and offer unbeatable warranties on all our services.
Regardless of how big or small our job is, we never compromise on our service quality. We present you with a free job site survey and even advice you if you want.

Benefits of Having ducted Air Conditioning Units

  1. Helps cool the room faster and maintains a more uniform temperature without leaving any hot and cold spots.
  2. The design of the unit disperses the conditioned air through rooms better via its multiple vents.
  3. They are more energy efficient and uses one compressor in place of many.
  4. Ducted air con units ensure better climate control, and its advanced inverter technology ensures quality cooling and heating at your residence.
  5. Ducted air con units are a cost-effective way of cooling and heating. You can live in a climate-controlled harmony.

What We Provide?

Maruf Airconditioningoffers you a wide range of ducted refrigeration services in Melbourne, each backed with our promise of quality. Be it helping you select the right ducted unit, to its installation; we have the skills, experience and tools to come to your help.
Our experts also provide you with preventative maintenance and repairs, regardless of the condition or age of the unit. Our services are available 24*7, and if you seek routine maintenance, our experts will be happy to do it for you.
After you place your request, we will schedule a meeting, and our experts will come over to your place to inspect your unit thoroughly.
We will also schedule periodic inspections and carry out quality maintenance to deter, prevent and even rectify problems before they develop into some major.
Our team of ducted refrigerated cooling professionals in Melbourne will stop any major unit downtime and will keenly upkeep its cleanliness and performance.

Our Experts Can Handle All Common Issues such as:

  1. Ducted units with a blown fuse
  2. If the unit is blowing warm air or has a blocked air filter
  3. If the unit has duck leaks
  4. If the unit is making noises at night
  5. If the unit is emitting a bad smell

So if there is anything wrong with your ducted air con unit,schedule a meeting and allow us to check it out.