Successful Air Conditioner Maintenance in Melbourne: Ducted Air Con Maintenance, Commercial Service, and Other Essentials

Air conditioner maintenance is much more useful than many air con owners throughout the Melbourne area believe. In fact, you may not comprehend the importance of maintaining and repairing your AC unit until neglect causes problems with their cooling equipment that disrupt your lifestyle or your business. That’s when you’ll realise air conditioner maintenance in Melbourne is much more than a chore; it’s a service with a vital purpose.

When you take excellent care of your air conditioner, it takes excellent care of you. Whether you are dealing with a residential or commercial air conditioner in Melbourne, a small investment in care and repair will go a long way toward preventing operational issues, maintaining your indoor air quality, and saving you money on your energy bills each month.

There are certain aspects of ducted air conditioner maintenance in Melbourne you can take care of by yourself, but many other jobs will require professional assistance. Below, we’ve created a guide to tell you what you can do before you consult professional support from an AC service company you trust.

DIY Air Conditioner Maintenance You Can Do On a Regular Basis:

  • Changing and cleaning your filters: Air con filters keep particles that could contaminate your indoor air quality from entering your ductwork. As such, they need to be frequently changed—about once or twice each month depending on how heavily you use the system.

If your filters are disposable, throw them away and buy new ones every time. If your filters are reusable (such as electrostatic filters), simply clean them and put them back before you turn the system on again.

? Removing objects from around your outdoor unit: Your outdoor unit brings fresh air into your system and helps it release heat drawn from the air from inside your house to the outside. However, sticks, yard waste, and other debris that falls too close to the outdoor unit can easily become stuck inside the system. These trapped items can damage system components and block airflow.

Make sure you walk around the outdoor unit every weekend or two. Clear any items away from your unit by at least a metre.

  • Checking your thermostat: The thermostat is the brain of your air con, so when it’s out of batteries or programmed improperly, you’ll find it hard to operate the system correctly — or at all. Make sure you keep an eye on this crucial piece of equipment, so it isn’t wreaking havoc on the rest of your cooling infrastructure by malfunctioning.

When to Call for Professional Air Con Maintenance

There will be times throughout your AC’s lifespan when your skills won’t be enough to keep the unit in proper shape. Anything to do with a broken internal component, a duct or refrigerant leak, or a clog deep in the air ducts requires assistance from professionals.

Trust the AC repair team at Maruf Airconditioning. Depend on our experience for the AC repairs you just can’t perform alone: call today and speak with someone who can provide additional details. We’ll be happy to look at your residential ducted system or your commercial air conditioner so you can receive the maintenance you need.