Your Next AC Service Should Include These Services: Your Guide to First-Class Air Conditioner Servicing

You rely on your air conditioner when the weather warms up, so it’s important to take good care of it. Keeping your system in excellent condition means arranging for regular professional air conditioner servicing, but who can you trust with the job?

When you decide to hire professionals to work on your cooling equipment, it’s always helpful to make sure they have a broad range of skills that will serve you well. Use this guide to learn about what your air conditioner technicians should be able to do for you so you can make informed decisions the next time you need professional AC support.

What Should Your Air Conditioner Service Do?

Air conditioner services can be complicated and challenging, and not every professional is qualified to perform them. Trust your air conditioner service to professionals who possess significant industry experience and hold proper qualifications to work on HVAC systems. Their level of skill should be high enough that they can undertake any of the following tasks.

  1. Duct cleaning and repair: Ducts have to stay whole and clean on the insides so they can successfully deliver treated air to the inhabitants of the buildings where they are installed. Professionals know which tools and methods to use to make sure these passages are always intact and free of debris.
  2. Refrigerant recharging and fixing leaks: Proper levels of refrigerant allow the refrigeration cycle to take place within your system, effectively lowering the temperature. Your AC service company should be able to adjust these levels and fix any leaks in the lines that carry refrigerant through the AC system.
  3. Identifying worn-out or broken components: Various parts of your system can fail over time and must be repaired or replaced quickly so as not to affect the rest of the air conditioner. Make sure your AC professionals can diagnose and solve problems, such as a failed compressor or dirty condenser coils.
  4. Identifying electrical issues: Air conditioners are not just mechanical systems; they also have many electrical parts. Ensure that your AC professionals are comfortable around the wiring in your thermostat and other parts of the air conditioner—and can tell you if you need to call in an electrician or other professionals for additional support.
  5. Sizing and installing new air conditioning units: Air conditioner installation is one of the most important parts of making sure a unit will be cost-effective in your space. Ensure your techs are well-equipped to size and install new units whenever you need them so you can be sure it will work correctly in your building.
  6. Troubleshooting for various air conditioner types: Not all air conditioners are the same. In addition to ducted central systems, there are ducted split systems, packaged systems, and other variations. Make sure your AC professionals have experience with the kind of system you rely on.

Maruf Airconditioning Can Provide a Full Range of Air Conditioning Services

Maruf Airconditioning can help. Our experienced contractors are well-prepared to assist you with any of the issues above and many others AC owners experience. Ask about our air conditioner services today and learn how our help can benefit your system and increase your comfort.