Your Guide To Split System Air Conditioning Installation in Australia

Split system air conditioning is one of the most popular methods of air conditioning for Australian homes, as it is a safe and efficient way to keep your home fresh. An air conditioning split system installation is easy and can benefit your home in a multitude of ways, especially when things start heating up outdoors. At Maruf Airconditioning, we are specifically trained in air con split system installation for your domestic and residential needs. Our air con split system install process is fast and easy and will leave your home appealing and comfortable all year round. If you are considering purchasing a split system air conditioner for your home, we present this quick guide to outline just how these air conditioning systems work.

How We Perform an Air Con Split System Installation

  1. 1. When we come to your home for your air conditioning split system installation, we first determine the best place for both the indoor and outdoor units that make up your air conditioning system. For the indoor system, we will locate a site for secure electrical connections and maximum airflow. For the outdoor system, we will establish the best spot where there is enough room on either side for the system to function properly. Then, we often lay down a concrete slab, so that your air conditioner will have a secure base.
  2. Next, we take the pipes that connect the two systems and determine the best spaces to drill to join them. Here we ensure that we don’t compromise any previously existing wires and that the foundation stays intact. We will examine your home and find the best space to do this.
  3. Finally, we’ll connect the pipes and wires to get your system up and running. We will attach the pipes to your outdoor walls with clamps and ensure that we seal all holes we drill with polyurethane foam. Then, we will perform a check to make sure our air con split system install is working and safe, before you can fully use your new air conditioning.

Contact Us Today if you Need to Install a New Air Conditioner

If you need of an air con split system installation, be sure to contact us here. While we are a new company, our technicians and staff have worked in the air conditioning industry for many years. We have satisfied many customers with domestic air conditioning needs, and we can help you too! Our air con split system installation is safe, secure, and fast to get your home feeling cool in the hot Australian heat. We also perform routine maintenance and other air conditioning services, so be sure to browse our website. For your air conditioning split system installation, contact us today.